7 February 2018

The teachers have started to tweet about life in school. We are using #WeLoveWeLiveWeLearnwithChrist from our Mission statement to celebrate events.


The Twitter accounts for each teacher are as follows:-


Mrs Butterworth = @StThomasMoreAlk

Mrs Quigg = @Mrs QuiggSTM

Miss O'Donnell =@MissODonnellSTM

Miss Barran = @MissBarranSTM

Miss Banim = @MissBanimSTM

Miss Mollard = @MissMollardSTM

Miss Jones = @Miss_JonesSTM

Miss Howcroft = @MissHowcroftSTM

Miss Weekes = @MrsWeekesSTM

Mrs Craven = @MrsCravenSTM

Miss McBride = @MissMcBrideSTM

Miss Dodd = @MissSDoddSTM

Mrs Hickman = @MrsHickmanSTM

Miss Churchman = @MissChurchmnSTM


Please look carefully at some of characters in the names as we have to adapt them.