Extracts from the Diocese of Salford Inspection Report June 2017

“St Thomas More is a warm and welcoming community where enthusiastic and committed staff encourage full participation in every area of school life"

”“A strong Governong Body which has a clear focus for the direction of the school. They support a dedicated Headteacher and Leadership Team."

”The quality of the relationship and partnership between school, parish and home greatly enhances the Catholic life of the school."

”The children are polite and well mannered with a cheerfull outlook in this happy and compassionate school.”

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Geography Award

The school was awarded the Primary Geography Quality Mark Silver Award in September 2011 for leading effective whole school approaches that support excellence in Geography.

Rochdale Healthy Schools

This award was presented to the school for its commitment to a healthy school ethos.

Extended Schools Award

This was awarded to St Thomas More School in recognition of their commitment and dedication to the Every Child Matters and Standards agendas through the provision of extended services and activities for local children, young people, families and communities.


The Department for Education congratulates St Thomas More  Primary School on achieving the Financial Management Standard in Schools.