In September 2017 we set up our new Breakfast / After School club called " Annex Club".  This operates term time only from 7.40 a.m till 5.45p.m.  It is still early days but it appears to be a great success.  

We aim to offer children stimulating, creative and fun opportunities where they can play with friends and make new friends in a comfortable and safe environment. A variety of activities are available, including, arts and crafts, games, sports, drama and music, reading, storytelling, quiet and imaginative play. We aim to provide a happy, caring and stimulating environment where children can;

- Have fun

- Develop their confidence and self esteem

- Form positive relationships with peers and adults

- Share, respect and learn from each others cultures, experiences and traditions

- Take part in both planned and spontaneous play activities.


£5.00 per morning per child

£5.00 up to 4p.m. per evening per child

£7 up to 5 p.m. per evening per child

£9 up to 5.45pm per evening


Parents are expected to book and pay the cost of all places  in advance using the school money club booking system,    If you experience any  difficulties with payments, please do not hesitate to bring it to the attention of the staff or contact Mrs McBride, our school Business Manager, in the school office to avoid any official action.  We can accept childcare vouchers , once you have informed us of your voucher scheme.  If arrears are incurred a letter will be sent to you to remind you that payment is overdue. Failure to contact the school within one weeks of receipt of this letter will result in the place at the club being withdrawn whilst the matter is resolved.



Once you approach us for a place at the club you will receive a registration form for completion. This form must be read, fully completed and returned to school before we can offer your child a place. A copy of this registration document can be found below.

The Annex


If a child is absent for one complete week or longer because of sickness then there will be no charge however all other absences without prior notification will be charged at the full rate. Parents/guardians will be expected to inform the staff by telephone if their child is ill or will not be attending for whatever reason. Any changes to your initial contract including cancellation of the place requires a months notice. You will be charged if the notice is not given.


Signing In & Out

Parents/carers will be asked to sign their children in each morning and out again at the end of the day.


Collection of children

Children may ONLY be collected by the adults named on the registration form. If parents/carers are consistently late collecting their children, they will be asked to pay to the next hourly rate.


The children will be in the care of a Playleader and  Playworkers, all who have been routinely checked and cleared prior to employment.


Behaviour Management

St Thomas More Annex Club operates a behaviour management policy that aims to reinforce positive behaviour. Unacceptable behaviour by any child will be brought to their attention and if it persists will be recorded in an incident book. This will be brought to the attention of the parent/carer, who will be requested to sign the book acknowledging the information. If the behaviour of a child is persistently unacceptable, the parent/carer will be invited to meet with the staff and discuss a behaviour plan.

By working in partnership the club hopes any behavioural difficulties can be overcome without having to withdraw a child’s place.


Equal opportunities

We recognise that children and families using the service, and the staff involved, come from many backgrounds with different experiences and needs. This statement seeks to ensure that no-one receives less favourable treatment because of race, ethnic origin, nationality, religion, cultural background, disability, gender, sexuality or circumstances of age. We aim to offer quality to all who use the service. It intends to promote positive images and attitudes towards differences. Wherever possible festivals and celebrations from around the world will be included in the planning of activities. Stereotypes that may arise will be confronted and amended positively to the best of our knowledge and ability. The individual needs of every child and family are of the utmost importance. They will be respected and attended to using the best of our abilities. The opinions and suggestions of children and their parents/carers are welcomed and appreciated, and will be acted upon whenever and wherever this is possible.


Anti Bullying Policy

Bullying is unacceptable behaviour. The staff at St Thomas More are committed to creating a safe environment where children can play freely and without intimidation, where they can talk freely about their worries with the confidence that staff will listen, offer help, support or guidance. The school has an anti bullying policy and this will apply to the Annex Club. When bullying does occur we will work with children, staff and parents to help those being bullied and to work towards amending the  behaviour of the perpetrators. In this way the club will make every effort to ensure the safety of the victim and support the improvement in the behaviour of the bully.


If a child requires medicine during either of the sessions at the club, a parent or nominated person is requested to come into school and administer the medicine themselves. Life preserving medication is an exception to the rule and children will be responsible for the administration of their own.