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Pupil premium grant expenditure: Report to parents: 2018/19

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Pupil Premium

PE AND SPORT GRANT - 2018/2019  £18,662

  • Employing a Sports Leader to work with and cover teachers for PE lessons. This will improve the attainment in PE and also sport participation as pupils now involved in more extra curricular sporting events.
  • Pooling funding with local Catholic Primary Schools to employ a specialist PE teacher to work alongside teachers in lessons to further develop subject knowledge and aid transition to High School £2000
  • Buying into Rochdale School Sports partnership  £700 to enable participation in inter school competitions.
  • To provide additional swimming lessons for KS2 pupils. £1900
  • Participation within Middleton Primary School Sports Association £50



  • Standards raised in teaching and learning of PE through working with specialist PE teacher from Cardinal Langley, employing a Sports Leader and investment in quality CPD.
  • Significant number of KS2 children involved in Football, Netball, Dodgeball, Cross Country and Swimming competitions via the Rochdale School Sports Partnership.
  • Established swimming programme in place for Y4 children during the Autumn Term 
  • Links with local tennis club and golf club established 
  • Over 100 KS2 children involved in  competitive sport (Football, Swimming, Netball, Cross Country, Dodgeball) due to the schools long established involvement in the Middleton Primary School's Sports Association.
  • Broad range of Sports offered to all children in games encourages children to seek new sporting activites outside school
  • The school has had another incredibly successful competitive sporting year. The Cross Country Championship was secured in the Autumn Term 2017.    The Football team had a successful season and won the Clayton Cup again in March 2018 and the League.  Tournaments for academic year 2018/2019 are all still ongoing.

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